Cirrus Sustainable Solutions

Repurposing Technology

We refurbish and repurpose technology because it's the smart thing to do. Since many computers are in good working order when they're disposed of, their parts can be used again rather than being sent to a landfill or disposal facility.

Cheaper Solutions

Since our acquisition cost is lower, our prices are lower. Your can back up your business's data or render 3D models for way less that the competition, and lower your own operating costs.

Our Products

Tested & Approved

Cirrus will be rolling out three product models over the next year. We've tested and approved each model's repurposed components, so you can be sure that it meets our energy and lifetime standards.

System Features

Though each system has a slightly different application, all of our systems are built on a rock-solid OS, Ubuntu Server 12.10 core. Give us a call and we can figure out which system suits your needs best.

Refurbishment Model

Here's a sample diagram that outlines the refurbishment of computer components.


Funding Our Venture

Our team is looking to raise seed funding in exchange for an equity stake. If you're an investor, we would love to talk about our plan. Please contact us via email.


We're seeking $50k in convertible debt for start-up funding and we're also prepared to negotiate for an equity stake of up to 35%. Up to $5k will be bootstrapped and collected through crowdsource funding. We would also like potential investors to be aware that we're initially compensating our employees between 2-5% equity with a 2 year vest and a 1.5 year cliff.


By the end of year one, Cirrus aims to be the fastest growing provider of repurposed systems. We plan to shift from the production of solely rendering solutions to also providing backup and cloud solutions in year two. We'll also be releasing a publication for interested investors displaying projected cash flows, benchmarking goals, and other targets.


The overarching market is 8,544 businesses worth $6.12B, while 73% of all businesses in this industry are 1-4 employees and 91% have less than 20 employees, and the industry will grow at 3.5% until 2016 (IBISWorld). The Computer Systems Segment is the largest share of the IT Consulting Industry, accounting for 36.3%.


We're financing our start-up with convertible debt because it prevents undervaluing the company and safeguards our investors from incurring diluted ownership during the financing process. With convertible debt, our investors have the option of converting our debts to stock ownership of up to 14.9%.


We're looking to grow the company to revenue of $100k during the first year, $300k the second year, and aiming for steady growth of $500k each year after year three. This will provide sufficient funds to sustain growth and the expansion into backup and cloud solutions in year two, streamline solutions by creating custom system components like CPU daisychain chipsets and to pursue operations in other cities.


There's a huge potential to change the way that small businesses view how they purchase equipment. By gradually gaining market share, we'll be proving the reliability and efficiency of our solutions. No company has ever attempted to become a market leader in repurposed products, we're proud to be the first. We would love to meet with you to discuss our future plans and share our enthusiasm. Please email us to set up a time with the team.

Cirrus Team

Diverse Skillsets

Our team will be 6 strong + 4 mentors with experience to guide us.

Joe Hanko
Lead Web Designer
Lead Product Developer
Head of Sales and Operations
Legal Advisor
Head of Marketing and Strategy

Jobs At Cirrus

Join Our Team

We're looking for self-starters who can help us launch. If you've ever wanted to be a part of a smart, dynamic team that gets the job done you might want to reach out to us. Though we can't offer any pay, we're always thinking of ways to say "thank-you" and "rock-on".

We'll put your name on our public Thank You List , write you a perfect letter of recommendation, endorse you on LinkedIn, and offer other perks like employee stock ownership.

On top of that, you'll have the unique opportunity to participate in a sustainable start-up and gain experience you can't find anywhere else. If you think you've got what it takes to be a part of the team, we'd love to chat with you. We've moved our job applications to LinkedIn while we make some site improvements. Browse our team openings below:

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